All Your Issues are in Your Tissues | white tissue in urine

Have you ever asked your self “Why am I in the shape I’m in”? Aren’t we all made of the same matter; bones, flesh and blood? So why do our packages all look so different from one another? I believe the answers are in the intangible spiritual, mental and emotional energies that manifest in the tangible physical body. Our bodies are the densest form of our spirit or energy life source. Our minds (conscious or unconscious) are the gatekeeper of actions and reactions to our life experiences that create imbalances in the flow of our emotions. To truly understand ourselves we can start by decode the language of the BodyMind. How is our inner world creating our outer world? Are we flowing with the river of life or are we creating dams that well up and over flow or do we simple leave our bodies when we don’t like what we are feeling.

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In the study of the BodyMind, we start by looking at the information in our formation. We look at the relationship between the three primary ways in which the cells of our bodies are formed: as hard tissue, soft tissue and fluids. We can then refer to the relationship that these three cell structures have with our spiritual, mental and emotional energies. Are we not spiritual being having a physical experience? Is there harmony or dis-ease?

“To reach way up, you’ve got to dig deep down!”
Let’s start with the hard tissue (bones) that form the framework upon which our body is built, like the layers of rock in the depths of the earth. It is the underlying factor without which there can be no life-the innermost central core of our spiritual physical being. This hard tissue structure within us contains the most condensed form of energy. A diamond is a great example! Diamonds are the hardest of crystals, meaning they are the most condensed form of matter and therefore the most energized. A break in the hard tissue can also be a break or conflict in our spiritual energy. The part of the body where the break takes place will indicate further information about the nature of the conflict being expressed.

The soft tissue is made up of flesh, fat, muscles, nerves, skin and organs. It is the tissue structure responsible for our body shape, size, appearance and strength, for nerve equilibrium and normal functioning. Our soft tissue corresponds directly to our mental energy – as we think, so we become. The muscles provide the means for the bones, the hard tissue structure, to move and change us, in accordance with our insights and understandings.

Our soft tissue formation reflects our past experiences, our attitudes and our patterns of behavior. Just as rigid tendons indicate rigid tendencies, so we can find past traumas and conflicts buried deep in the soft tissue. We build layers of fat to protect painful memories; we have over – or under-developed muscles that portray particular weaknesses and indulgences; tense muscles, tumors or fatty deposits imply the holding of thought patterns relating to the part of the body involved. The soft tissue is like the earth – it is the very substance from which our life can grow, evolve and blossom.

Fluids make up over 90% of the human body; water, blood, urine, lymph, perspiration, saliva, tears, lactation, endocrine and sexual secretions. Just like the ocean tides our emotions flow with our desires, feelings and impulses. They create excitement, warmth and energy, as when our lips, nipples and genitals become suffused with blood, we feel loving and excited. Just like our faces will flush in an embarrassing situation; we become hot and red when feeling angry, or cold and white with rage when the emotion – the blood – is constricted. Each fluid in the body corresponds to a different aspect of our emotional nature.

A good Psychosomatic Therapist or Body Mind Analyst can read a person’s entire life his-story/her-story by looking at the formation and shape of the body, its ability to move freely or with constriction, areas of tension, as well as the types of accidents, illnesses or diseases that have happened. Our bodies become like walking autobiography, muscle and flesh formations reflecting our experiences, injuries, worries, anxieties and attitudes. Whether we have a timid posture – one that is bowed over and depressed or one that is standing square and defensive, all are learnt and adapted to early in life and become built into our very structure. To believe that the body is a separately operating, purely mechanical organism is to miss the point entirely. It is to deny ourselves this source of great spiritual wisdom that is available at all times. white tissue in urine

The language the Body Mind uses is surprisingly simple to understand. Unearthing the inner conflict is the first step; dealing with that inner conflict and transforming it from conflict to resolution and peace is what enables healing to take place. It is not an easy task, however, not one that everyone will want to undertake, for it demands that we deal with all those aspects of ourselves that we have been spending many years ignoring or protecting.