About Us

SPRIG (Saanich Peninsula Refugee Initiative Group) is a group of people living on the Saanich Peninsula who are working with St. John’s United Church to sponsor and welcome a refugee family into our community.

Our Goal

To privately sponsor a refugee family to settle on the Saanich Peninsula

What can you do?

  • Learn more about refugees and refugee sponsorship.
  • Discuss with your family and friends how newcomers from different cultures strengthen our community.
  • Discuss how your business, neighbourhood, workplace, church, classroom or sports team can welcome a family into our community.
  • Contact us to track SPRIG’s progress, subscribe to our email updates, or offer to volunteer.
  • Make a donation to SPRIG.

Contact Us or Subscribe to our Newsletter

To contact our steering committee or to subscribe to our newsletter, send an email to: info@sprig.me. We will endeavour to quickly reply to all queries – thank you for your patience.


SPRIG (Saanich Peninsula Refugee Initiative Group) was started in Deep Cove as a meeting discussing the refugee crisis in Syria and how families needed help immediately.  A lot has changed since the initial discussion where we recognized this needed to be a community endeavour – thanks to everyone who has come forward since then to lend a helping hand, a welcoming voice, and financial backing.