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HOW will the family be settled?  The ICA and SPRIG will be jointly responsible for the family’s reception, housing and basic necessities, income support for 12 months, settlement assistance, and emotional and moral support.

Normally this support includes the following:

  • providing the cost of food, rent and household utilities and other day-to-day living expenses;
  • providing clothing, furniture and other household goods;
  • locating interpreters;
  • selecting a family physician and dentist;
  • assisting with applying for provincial health-care coverage;
  • enrolling children in school and adults in language training;
  • introducing newcomers to people with similar personal interests;
  • providing orientation with regard to banking services, transportation, etc.;
  • helping in the search for employment; and
  • identifying places where the newcomer can seek counseling if and when necessary.

WHEN will the family arrive on the Peninsula? It could take up to 12 months to complete the complex process of bringing a family to Canada.

WHO will have ‘first-hand’ contact with the refugee family?  In order to ensure the security of the newcomers, only people who are identified and cleared with the ICA will have first-hand contact.

WHAT happens if SPRIG raises more money than is needed for one family?  All monies raised will be used to sponsor and settle refugee families.


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